Backpacking Tips And Tricks For Beginners, The Way To Enjoy The First Experience

backpacking tips and tricks for beginners

Have you already tired of how busy your daily life is? Want to step aside for a while and cool down your head? Then why don’t you try to backpacking? It is a nice activity where you venture into a lot of places in nature and doing camping. Not only can reduce your stress level, but backpacking can also broaden your horizon. But, as a first-timer backpacker, you may have a lot of things you don’t know or understand about backpacking. If that’s the case, then don’t worry about it as there are backpacking tips and tricks for beginners.

backpacking tips and tricks for beginners

1. Choose an Easy Destination

The backpacking tips and tricks for the beginners that have you must pay attention to is how to choose the destination. As this is the first time you do backpacking, choose an easy destination. Ask and consult your friends that have more experience in this field for the recommended places.

When choosing a destination it’s better to choose a place that not far away from home. And don’t forget to research your backpacking destination for advance preparation

2. Prepare The Clothes and Necessary Backpacking Gear

When planning to do backpacking, you need to prepare the clothes you’ll wear and backpacking gear. And as you will carry your luggage into one pack, choose just the important things so backpacking gear will be compact and lightweight.

The important things that you must bring when backpacking are a tent, a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, and water treatment. These things will help you when you’re backpacking. Also, don’t forget to bring the clothes for you don’t know what will happen during your journey. And bring the clothes that easy to dry such as nylon and polyester.

3. Having Basic Backpacking Checklist

One of the backpacking tips and tricks for beginners is having a basic backpacking checklist. If it is your first time do backpacking, have a basic checklist will give you a sense of calm. With this checklist, everything you need to bring won’t be left behind.

After you come home from your trips you can look once again at your list. Examine carefully the things that you need and you don’t need when you’re on trips. So, the next time you go on trips, you can customize the list.

4. Plan Your Food

Please remember that when you go on the trips there will be no convenience store or supermarket moreover restaurant. That’s why you should do careful preparation for your food. Bring enough meals for the number of trip days. And don’t forget to adjust the weight of your meal so It won’t bulk your pack.

Freeze and dried food is the best choice if you want to go on trips. Don’t forget to include non-perishable food as your meals. But, don’t bring the canned food as it will make your pack heavier.

As the first-timer backpacker, knowing the backpacking tips and tricks for beginners can bring many advantages. At least with these tips and tricks, you can enjoy your first backpacking thoroughly. And last, don’t forget to train your physical condition so you won’t get tired easily when you’re on a journey.