5 Best Places for Destination Wedding in Southeast Asia

Have you ever thought about holding your wedding far away from your hometown? That is what you can call a destination wedding. For that long-distance, you will not want to hold an ordinary party. So, listing the best places for destination wedding is the first thing you need to do.

Southeast Asia has many beautiful places to be in your list. And here, there are 5 best locations from different countries you will love. Check it out!

1. Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is popular with tourists. There are many places to visit includes destination wedding purposes. One of them is Alila Villas Uluwatu that is located in the south of Bali island.

There are some packages you can choose with different features. For a very exclusive ceremony with only 12 guests, there is a Hilltop Wedding Package. Enjoy the outdoor party with the blue sea scenery.

But most of the packages offer the Cliff-Edge Cabana Wedding with some different additional. Feel the exotic and romantic ceremony from the height in the cliff-edge.

2. Westin Siray Bay Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Still, with beach view, Westin Siray Bay Resort is also a great place to hold a destination wedding. Feel the warm and solemn ceremony with picturesque decoration and the sound of the waves. But if you want an indoor party, the ballroom also offers an elegant atmosphere.

There are 2 packages here. You can choose a Western Wedding or Thai Wedding. Each package can accommodate up to 30 guests in the ceremony. Both give a romantic impression in different ways. 

3. Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa, Philippines

As an archipelago country, the Philippines also has many beautiful beaches to visit. So, no wonder if there is one of the best places for destination wedding here. And Boracay island is a great place to hold your ceremony.

Furthermore, in Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa, you don’t need to think too much about the ceremony arrangement. It is because they have many arranged packages to choose from.

4. Nam Nghi Resort, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Vietnam also has some beautiful shores with posh resorts. In Phu Quoc, there is Nam Nghi Resort that offers a wedding ceremony on a private beach. Feel the intimate ceremony in the special venue, Rock Island.

You can choose among 3 packages with different completeness of features. For the Premium one, you can get the decorated reception area with the standard sound system set up. There is also accommodation for 2 nights-stay with welcome fruits and a daily breakfast buffet. 

You can only invite up to 20 guests if you take that package. If you have 40 guests, you can choose the Gold. You can also get additional services such as a spa, romantic dinner, and a wedding cake. And with the Platinum package, you can even experience the private sunset cruise tour.

5. The Andaman Resort, Langkawi, Malaysia

Holding a destination wedding at The Andaman Resort will give you the experience of a personalized ceremony. You can customize the setting of the ceremony as your wish. But the more special from the Andaman Resort is that they offer you some traditional rituals for exotic nuptials.

You can experience Floral Bath (Mandi Bunga) where you both will be poured with the water in two urns. That is blessed water with petals and floral essence. Besides, Hornbill Feeding and Coral Saving Rituals will also be great experiences.

It is very great to have a romantic and elegant destination wedding. Especially if you hold it at one of the best places for destination wedding. Get prepared and make some plans, let your wedding ceremony being an unforgettable moment in your life!

Where To Go During Spring Break In Texas? Here Are The Recommended Destinations!

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States. Texas is quite famous in America.  Uniquely, in the spring break, there is a bluebonnet that is starting to bloom and is a hallmark of Texas.  The flowering of this flower is a sign that spring is starting. If you want to enjoy the natural scenery during spring in Texas, here are 5 destinations to reference where to go during spring break in Texas.

1. Ennis

Ennis is a city in Texas, called bluebonnet city.  Although this flower is poisonous, this flower is a characteristic of Texas as one that beautifies in spring.  Therefore, a visit to Ennis will get a stretch of bluebonnet flowers along the road and the city.  Even this flower is protected, as evidenced by the Ennis Garden Club.  If you are in Texas and want to get to know the beauty of bluebonnets, this city is one of the places to go during spring break in Texas.

2. Austin

As the capital of Texas, Bluebonnet has become an icon of this city. That’s why Bluebonnet is a protected plant.  The beauty of this flower is like a wide blue carpet.  Even if you come to Austin you can visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Center, where this institution protects the growth of bluebonnet flowers in Texas and is an advocate for these flowers. You can know this flower very well.

3. Brenham

One place where to go during spring break in Texas is Brenham. You can visit this city to find out the best wineries and the best ice cream processing from the blue bell ice cream house.  This city uses bluebonnet as its city icon.  Naturally, if throughout the city during spring arrives, you get bluebonnets that begin to bloom.

4. Texas Hill County

The Texas hill country is a hill with a winery.  The highlight of this region’s beauty is in the spring where bluebonnets bloom.  In the hills often hold bluebonnet festivals.  Therefore, you must visit this area during the spring in Texas.  In the hills, there is Burnet, which is one of the cities that are the center of the festival.  Not only festivals, various folk parties, but games and entertainment are also found in this region.

5. Spicewood

You can visit this city because of its natural beauty, several caves make the beauty of Spicewood.  In this city, there is also the Muleshoe Band which is the largest Bluebonnet growing area of ​​all states in Texas. This small town in Texas has exotic natural beauty, which you must visit during spring.  One of its natural beauty is that there is a river in the cave that you can try to swim.  Of course, with the natural beauty of bluebonnet plants that decorate it.

Thus, where to go during spring break in Texas that you must visit.  Of course, you do not want to miss the growth of Bluebonnet which is the hallmark of this country.  Do not forget to bring a camera to capture the beauty of this flower which can only be enjoyed when the spring break comes.

Best List Of Things To Do In Da Nang For You

Da Nang is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam that people usually forget. You may have not heard this place’s name before because some trips to Vietnam are not included to visit it. But you should try to go to that place because there are a lot of things to do in Da Nang. You can enjoy the perfect combination between the traditional touch and modern living here.

Da Nang is located on the coast where there available a long coastline almost among this place. You can enjoy almost all of the water sports on every beach in this city. Not only water sports, but you can also enjoy enjoying hiking the mountains or visit museums. Here is the perfect list of the wonderful things to do in Da Nang you should ever try when visiting this place!

1. Visit the Ba Na Hills

This is one of the dream places in Vietnam that you should visit when going to Vietnam. You can do many activities there because Ba Na Hills is usually known as the city of premium attractions. However, the temperature in this city is never touched by more than 20 degrees Celcius. Besides, you can enjoy the entire city from above if you feel lazy using a cable car. Also, enjoy the entertainment zones and meet wax models of some celebrities.

2. Have a Coffee at Cong Caphe

If you love drinking coffee from around the world, then you should try a cup of coffee at Cong Caphe. This place is known because of the best quality of its coffee. It has a unique aroma and also amazing taste that make it different from others. The best place to enjoy a cup of coffee in Cong Caphe is in the coffee shop near the river.

3. Sunbathe on My Khe Beach

Your trip to Da Nang is not complete if you did not even visit one of those beaches. We will highly recommend My Khe Beach if you want to meet the saltwater and awesome scenery. Here, you can find a lot of seafood restaurants that will serve you with delicious food. Also, you can do snorkeling and enjoy many beautiful sea creatures.

4. Climb the Marble Mountains

If you feel boring with every rashness in this city, you can try challenging experience, climb the Marble Mountains. You can enjoy climbing into the higher place and then enjoy the entire city from above. However, the Marble Mountains are located not too far from the main city, it is only about 9 kilometers away.

5. Enjoy the Views at the Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass is located in a higher place then everything near them. It is about near 500 meters above the sea level, high enough to enjoy the entire city. If you want to see awesome panoramic views then you should visit this place. Put attention into everything near you and you can find many historical markers.

There are lists of the best things to do in Da Nang we can write down for your journey to Vietnam. These all are just a piece of activities you can do because there also other things you can do in Da Nang. Da Nang will serve you with every beautiful thing that they had and you should enjoy them. Be ready for your money and let’s take the ticket to visit Vietnam!

What To Visit in Kazakhstan to Make a Wonderful Trip

Though not many people know this, Kazakhstan holds a lot of potential destinations for traveling lovers. This country that once a part of the Soviet Republic has many amazing places to visit. It will be waste if you never step your foot to this country. And that’s not all Kazakhstan has. Well, you may consider having a trip to Kazakhstan if we present for you what to visit in Kazakhstan.

1. Medeo High – Mountain Skating Rink

If taking about what to visit in Kazakhstan then this place should be on your list. Moreover, if you’re the type that loves skating outdoor. Medeo High-Mountain Skating Rink is the highest skating place in the world.

With the height 1700 meters above sea level, you will get new experiences in skating. And if you’re lucky enough you will witness some events that periodically be held in this place.

2. Kaindy Lake

Though not as famous as Kolsai Lake, in terms of beautiful scenery Kaindy Lake isn’t losing. Because of an earthquake that happened a long time ago, this lake is formed. And that’s why you will find this lake amusing and unique.

It thanks to the dead trees that pop up on the surface of the lake. You will be more amazed when you see the underwater. The remnants of the trees that not decomposed yet create the scenery of the water forest that too beautiful to comprehend. 

3. Zenkov Cathedral

If you’re one of a history fan, then Zenkov Cathedral is a place you have to visit no matter what. The building is very wonderful without using a single nail. Not only the building, but even the interior also has interesting art and furnishing that make all of the history lovers will curious about the backstory about.

However, if you’re planning to go to this place, mind a little about how you dress. Because this place is a religious building so it’s better to dress appropriately.

4. The Last Wild Apple Forest

Do you ever question the first place where apple appears? If you feel curious about that, you can go to Kazakhstan then see with your eyes the wild apple forests. Scientists said that it was the birds who transported the apple seeds to this forest.

And since then the apple trees grow and form a forest with high density. However, now the forest isn’t that dense anymore because in the past people cut down the trees for a developing place. 

5. Central State Museum

When going to Kazakhstan, you should visit the largest museum in Central Asia. Moreover, If you’re interested in stuff like anthropology, ethnography or history then this Museum is your must-visit place. That because you will not find a Museum like this in any other Central Asian country. So, use your time wisely to visit Central State Museum in Kazakhstan.

There are many places to visit so you will not waste your time to think about what to visit in Kazakhstan. From a natural place to a historical building, you can find them all in this country. So, if you still planning a trip, just take your time to go to Kazakhstan.

Where To Go In Oxford- The Must Visit Place in Oxford

When hearing the word Oxford, usually people imagine that renowned and famous university. It’s technically not wrong, but there are more than a university if talking about Oxford. Its history and architects are also the main points about this city. Moreover, there are many places that you can visit and enjoy when going to Oxford. Well, of course, Oxford University is one of them. Then, where to go in Oxford other than touring its University? Read more to find out

1. Oxford Castle 

Oxford holds a lot of intriguing history. If you’re so interested in it, you can visit the Oxford Castle. There, you will learn about the backstory of Oxford Castle building. That’s not the only thing you get when visiting this place.

The greatest thing about it is that you have a chance to see an impressive scene about the city on all of the sides. Furthermore, you also can explore the ancient crypt and prison that was also built in that castle.

2. Pitt Rivers Museum

If you visiting Oxford and wonder where to go in Oxford, try to go to the Pitt Rivers Museum. There are many collections of archeology and ethnography that can amaze you. Moreover, these are collected from around the world. They display it in a glass cabinet.

There are a lot of rows wherein every row, you will see the collection in the glass cabinet. Not all of the collections are put in the glass cabinet. Some of them are hanging on the wall or ceiling. Visiting Pitt Rivers Museum may make you discover something new, thus making you want to come over and over. This place is a place that you must visit as it makes you learn many things. Furthermore, the entry ticket is free so you can visit it without worry.

3. Blenheim Palace

Already bored with the museum and historical castle? Do not worry, there are still many interesting places you can visit in Oxford. You just need to drive for about 20 minutes from the center of Oxford to go to Blenheim Palace.

Though it called the palace, this place is not a real palace. However, because it’s an enormous building then it acquired such a name. This place is famous as the birthplace of Winston Churchill. You can go there and tour through the estate. 

4. G&D’s Ice Cream Cafe

Traveling is not complete if you never try to eat in the local cafe or restaurant. There are a lot of restaurants or cafes in Oxford, but the special one is G&D’s Ice Cream Cafe. There, you’ll have the luxury of eating the best ice cream.

And that’s not the only one this cafe is serving us. There are other menus as well such as baked goods and bagels. Moreover, this place opens until midnight. So, whenever you want to taste ice cream, go to G&D’s Ice Cream Cafe.

After reading this you will not ask where to go in Oxford anymore. It’s because we have given you all of the places you need to visit in Oxford. So, just tighten yourself and be ready to go to Oxford.

Amazing! These Are Some Perfect Traveling Ideas For Singles

All the people around the world should love the holiday and travel to the stunning place. This activity can refresh our brains and make us feels happier than before. However, as a human sometimes we need time for ourselves alone, not bothering by our beloved person. You may have experienced it before, a condition where you just want to be alone and thinking. Well, there are available a lot of traveling ideas for singles you can try.

traveling ideas for singles

You should not be bothered by your beloved person or your family while traveling. This is because your family can disturb you and you should put attention to them. And you will lose your time to give attention to yourself. On the other hand, people outside there try to travel alone because they want to be brave. There are a lot of unexpected things when traveling solo. So, what are the best traveling ideas for singles? Let’s check it out!

1. The British Virgin Islands

The Carribean area is usually for the couple to do their honeymoon because it has a great panorama. But, this area also can be the perfect place for solo to make friends like Tortola and St. Thomas islands. When the night comes, almost all of the places offer you the nightlife. It will be a great experience when you get some vodka or something else and then enjoy the sea.

2. New York City

New York is usually known as a super busy city where people usually get around until the night comes. But almost no one ever wonders before if this city can be the best traveling ideas for singles. This city has a lot of places to go like bars and clubs where we can spend the night there. Feel the different experiences using the cocktail bars on the boat. You can also find the higher bars, the perfect places to waiting for the sunshine.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the famous places for a party all night long. This city will serve you with a lot of bars and venues where you can dance the night away. People usually said that you should take a “siesta” before going out in this city. On the other hand, you will easily find people from around the world because Barcelona succeed attracts a lot of people. This will be the perfect place to meet other singles and get a new relationship.

4. Oahu

If you take a trip alone because you just feel tired of your activity, this can be the best place for you. Not like the others, Oahu will serve you with a beautiful beach. You can do a lot of things there like surfing, sunbathe, or just enjoy the stunning panorama. At night, you can visit some bars, dance the night away and then meet another single. “Aloha spirit” will give you calmness and then you are ready to back to the routine again.

These are the top 4 places to get traveling ideas for singles we can give you. You can visit all these places but don’t forget about your safety. Make sure you don’t drink too much because no one will take care of you. Now, time to take your backpack and then enjoy the vacation!

Online Casino Security

Players not just have critical measures of assets kept with online gambling clubs yet in addition have delicate data like charge card numbers put away in the club’s servers. In the event that the assets and data were taken, at that point the online players would be dependent upon impressive misfortune and burden. Hence online gambling clubs find a way to guarantee that they give a safe gaming condition. Players ought to comprehend what these means are and ought to confirm their presence at online club before beginning to bet.

One of the components used to give security of the delicate data is through the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy sets out what data is gathered, how it is utilized and how it is kept secure. In any case the online club needs certain data to check the character of the player and to process his installments. The online club may likewise gather segment data to improve the items and administrations advertised. Generally all online gambling clubs embrace not to uncover this data to outsiders. The special cases are the point at which the online gambling clubs utilize outsider processors or in the event that they are required to outfit the data under law. Online club utilize a few way to guarantee the security of the data. Access to the data is permitted to just a couple of senior gambling club work force. Insurance against programmers is increasingly significant and for this online club use firewalls and other programming security techniques accessible. Players should peruse the Privacy Policy before consenting to the terms and states of the online club.

The most significant part of online gambling club security is the insurances of assets during money related exchanges over the Internet. Today billions of dollars are taken care of over the Internet and this issue doesn’t relate to online gambling clubs as it were. Specialists have created encryption conventions, for example, the 128-piece Secure Socket Layer Encryption to guarantee that the exchange of assets and data is sheltered. In this the data is mixed utilizing a code before transmission and must be unscrambled by the expected client. In the event that an outsider catches the data it will be not able unscramble it. Most slot online gambling clubs utilize the most recent accessible SSL innovation. Anyway the best club have their frameworks screened by industry specialists like Thawte or VeriSign and online players ought to ideally play just at those gambling clubs that bear the logos of these specialists.

A third part of security for the players is debate goals. Players may feel that they have not been given their due rewards or rewards and have in this manner been put to a misfortune. This must be settled assuming every single gaming exchange and monetary exchange has been documented. Online gambling clubs keep up these documents in order to guarantee straightforwardness. Players can return the result of an opening twist or blackjack hand played months back. In case of a question these chronicles are made accessible to autonomous middle people like eCOGRA, who study the path and resolve the debates.

Where To Visit For RV Trip Around The US

Traveling by recreational vehicles or RVs is an interesting thing in the US. But for you who is “not expert”, it may be tricky to decide where to visit for RV trip. So, here is this article to help you get some ideas.

Where to visit for RV trip

1. Route 66

The first destination you can visit is the Route 66. It starts from Illinois and ends in California. You can use your RV from home if you live in the US. But you can also rent a vehicle if you don’t live around the starting or ending point.

A trip to go along Route 66 could take 2 weeks or more. The whole route crosses 8 states. You have to drive 2278 miles away from starting to the ending point. Many attractions will be great stops. They also accommodate RV park. One of them is in Williams, Arizona.

There is Canyon Motel & RV Park. The RV Park is located around the Northern Arizona mountain. Enjoy many facilities in a modern setting. Electric, wifi, water, sewer, restroom, shower, and charcoal BBQ are some standard services.

2. Trace State Park Mississippi

Parking in Trace State Park Mississippi, you will get the big rig, pull-thru, and picnic table. The other amenities are water, electricity, sewer, and full hookups. This site offers a natural location with a variety of outdoor activities. Some of them are boat ramp, fishing, and any water sports.

They also hold annual events every month. There is the Azalea Festival in April. Then Tupelo Elvis Festival and Children’s Discovery Day are held in June. And you can visit Tupelo Flea Market almost every month.

Meanwhile, if you want to attraction regularly, they also offer many options. There are Tupelo National Battlefield, Adkins Farms, also Pontotoc County Museum.

3. Zion River Resort

With a strategic place, Zion River Resort is an answer if you are still disoriented where to visit for RV trip. It is beside the tranquil Virgin River and less than a half-hour from Zion National Park. Each site in Zion River Resort has 60-70 feet long. The area is grassy and also has a concrete pad. Go to Premium Pull-Thru if you want more space. The location is at the end of the row. So, no other RV will park beside your patio side.

Moreover, don’t be anxious if it is your first time for RVing. The staffs are nice and willing to help you. Some facilities they have are also good. There are laundry, gift shop, wifi, and pool. Full hookup also must be your consideration.

4. Yosemite Pines RV

For RV camping in Yosemite, you need to make a reservation first. But if you didn’t, there is still another choice. It is by camping in a first come-first served campground.

There are 10 campgrounds with different facilities. But most of them don’t provide sewer, electrical, and water hookups. Yet, you can still find dump stations with fresh water at Wawona Campground and Upper Pines Campground. You can use the generator limitedly for only several hours. The allowed times are 2 pm, then 5 to 7 pm and 7 to 9 am.

5. Desert Southwest

Along Desert Southwest, some RV parks are open all year. One of them is Holiday Palms RV Park in Arizona, precisely in Quartzsite. Many facilities are available there. It is not hard to find a spa, car wash, and laundry room. Still, in Arizona, Lake Havasu City is also a good destination to visit. Havasu Falls RV Resort features 15 to 50 amp electric, shower, restroom, and pool. Just bring your pets because it is allowed.

You can continue driving approximately 3 hours and a half to the north. Stop at Pahrump and camp in Nevada Treasure RV Resort and Spa. There are more than 200 sites. Don’t worry about an electrical hookup because they provide it on each site. They even have BBQ grills for upscale sites.

Those are 5 destinations to suggest to you where to visit for RV trip. Enjoy the home atmosphere outside your home with some facilities in the park. Take your motorhome out, and go on vacation.

What to Do in South Africa For The Best Experience

South Africa has many interesting destinations to visit. From history, mountain, wildlife, and beaches. But you may be still don’t have an idea what to do in South Africa. So, just read this clearly, then you will get the images.

What to do in south africa

1. Come to Table Mountain

For you who love to enjoy the landscape from a high place, there is Table Mountain. This 1,084.6 meters high mountain has a flat top just like a table. It is the most popular destination tourist attraction in Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa.

There are 4 ways to get to the top. First, you can go hiking. If you are an adventurous person, hiking will be a fun way. It will take about 3 hours with the not too difficult terrain.

The second, you can also try to use Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. In 5 minutes, you will get to see and set foot on the mountain.

The last 2 maybe don’t take you to get to the mountain directly. But it will also give you an amazing experience. You can enjoy the view of Table Mountain by riding the cape wheel. But if you need something more challenging, you will be glad to try skydiving.

2. Come to Johannesburg

Never skip Johannesburg on the list of what to do in South Africa. This city has many uniqueness and history.

For nature tours, you can visit Johannesburg Zoo that has 320 animal species. Also, Zoo Lake is the other good option. It is one of the world heritage and UNESCO has recorded it since 1999.

Furthermore, South Africa has a history of racial discrimination that enshrined in the Apartheid Museum. The museum shows photographs, text panels, human stories and other things about racial discrimination in the 20th century.

3. Do Self-driving Trip in Garden Route

Stretching from Mossel Bay to Storms River, the Garden Route gives a view of the beautiful beaches. Along the way, you can stop at many places, for example, Wilderness. Some water activities are fun things to do. You can windsurfing, water-skiing, fishing, and canoeing there.

Driving for 50km to the west, don’t forget to stop at Knysna. This is also the main highlight to visit along Garden Route. Knysna Lagoon, Knysna Heads, and Knysna Elephant Park are good options.

Besides, to get a more pleasant experience, it is better to visit in spring or summer. The summer in Garden Route is not as hot as in Cape Town. And when spring, you can also see the flower blossoms.

4. Visit Kruger National Park

There are many safari activities you can do at Kruger National Park. Safari tours with many packages you can choose will give you an excellent experience. It will be great to see Africa’s big five. They are rhino, leopard, elephant, lion, and buffalo.

Feel the sensation of living around the wildness. Just take a rest in a safari lodge. Or if you want to fell wilder, staying in tented camps is a great idea.

Just married and want to honeymoon? Romantic safari is presented for you. One recommendation place is Imbali Lodge. The location is on the banks of a scenic stretch of river. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere with the spacious decks and plunge pools in the suite.

5. Come to Durban

Durban, the most metropolitan city in Kwazulu-Natal province, is one of the populous cities in South Africa. Many tourists also make this city as a holiday destination.

The tourist attractions in Durban are dominated by beach activities. North Beach in the center of Durban’s Golden Miles, also Addington Beach that closes to the harbor. Furthermore, you can visit the Bay of Plenty and South Beach. Those are the location for several beach volleyball competitions and global surfing.

Also, don’t forget about Umhlanga Rock Beach. There is a lighthouse that is the distinctive landmark. Watching the sunrise is also recommended to do because Umhlanga means the place of sunrise.

You have known what to do in South Africa. Many tourist attractions will certainly make you interested. Have a good holiday.

Backpacking Tips And Tricks For Beginners, The Way To Enjoy The First Experience

Have you already tired of how busy your daily life is? Want to step aside for a while and cool down your head? Then why don’t you try to backpacking? It is a nice activity where you venture into a lot of places in nature and doing camping. Not only can reduce your stress level, but backpacking can also broaden your horizon. But, as a first-timer backpacker, you may have a lot of things you don’t know or understand about backpacking. If that’s the case, then don’t worry about it as there are backpacking tips and tricks for beginners.

backpacking tips and tricks for beginners

1. Choose an Easy Destination

The backpacking tips and tricks for the beginners that have you must pay attention to is how to choose the destination. As this is the first time you do backpacking, choose an easy destination. Ask and consult your friends that have more experience in this field for the recommended places.

When choosing a destination it’s better to choose a place that not far away from home. And don’t forget to research your backpacking destination for advance preparation

2. Prepare The Clothes and Necessary Backpacking Gear

When planning to do backpacking, you need to prepare the clothes you’ll wear and backpacking gear. And as you will carry your luggage into one pack, choose just the important things so backpacking gear will be compact and lightweight.

The important things that you must bring when backpacking are a tent, a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, and water treatment. These things will help you when you’re backpacking. Also, don’t forget to bring the clothes for you don’t know what will happen during your journey. And bring the clothes that easy to dry such as nylon and polyester.

3. Having Basic Backpacking Checklist

One of the backpacking tips and tricks for beginners is having a basic backpacking checklist. If it is your first time do backpacking, have a basic checklist will give you a sense of calm. With this checklist, everything you need to bring won’t be left behind.

After you come home from your trips you can look once again at your list. Examine carefully the things that you need and you don’t need when you’re on trips. So, the next time you go on trips, you can customize the list.

4. Plan Your Food

Please remember that when you go on the trips there will be no convenience store or supermarket moreover restaurant. That’s why you should do careful preparation for your food. Bring enough meals for the number of trip days. And don’t forget to adjust the weight of your meal so It won’t bulk your pack.

Freeze and dried food is the best choice if you want to go on trips. Don’t forget to include non-perishable food as your meals. But, don’t bring the canned food as it will make your pack heavier.

As the first-timer backpacker, knowing the backpacking tips and tricks for beginners can bring many advantages. At least with these tips and tricks, you can enjoy your first backpacking thoroughly. And last, don’t forget to train your physical condition so you won’t get tired easily when you’re on a journey.