Best Shooting Games Offline for Your Smartphone

Nowadays shooting games become more and more popular. All people from the child, teen and even adult play this kind of game. And though online shooting games are more popular, it doesn’t mean that the offline version is getting forgotten. The offline shooting games still have many fans. And as these games don’t need an internet connection, you can almost play them everywhere. If you’re interested in playing this game, here is the recommended for the best shooting games offline.

1. Cover Fire

If you look for free download offline shooting games, Cover Fire may suit your taste. While playing this game you will also experience realistic shooting effects. With great and rich graphics you will have a wonderful experience playing this game. Not only is the graphic, but Cover Fire also great at sound effects. It is not exaggerated to say that this game is one of the best shooting games offline.

Cover Fire is an amazing game with a lot of characters that have their own unique skills. That’s why this game is addicting. There are also many weapons that you can use to fight against the terrorist such as rifles, shotguns pistol and many more. The only downside of this game is the ads.

2. Dead Effect 2

Shooting, science fiction, horror and RPG packed in one game that is Dead Effect 2. When playing this game, you will enjoy not only the superb graphic but also the storyline. The realistic effect of this game is what makes it so great.

Dead Effect 2 has a big number of characters with gear suits and upgradable body implants. You also have a lot of choices when selecting the weapon you will use. That’s because this game has more than 40 weapons and you can upgrade it anytime.

3. N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy is the right choice for you who loves the FPS genre. In this game, you will play the character named Karl Wardin. And your goal is to defeat the colonial administration forces and reveal the secret about alien invaders. There are 19 stories mode that you must conquer in order to achieve the goal.

Although this game is an offline game, you still go online. When going online you will play a deathmatch with another player. Playing N.O.V.A Legacy will make you experience the best 3D sci-fi shooting game.

4. Battle of Bullets

One of the best shooting games offline is Battle of Bullets. Great HD graphic is not the only thing that makes this game wonderful. Its storyline, smooth control, and marvelous sound effect will get you hooked at this game.

In this game, you have to survive the war by knocking the enemies. The goal of the game is to become a real veteran war soldier. This FPS game also has a wide range of weapons to choose from. Battle of Bullets is the best game if you want to kill your time in the best possible way.

Playing an offline game can be very entertaining if you can choose the right game. And with these best shooting games offline you can spend your time without feeling bored. Moreover, you don’t need to connect your Smartphone to the internet to play this game.

Best Train Rides In the World-The Unique Way for Traveling Lover

Riding a plane to travel is such a normal way to enjoy the journey. If you want to taste something different, why not try riding a train? You may arrive at your destination slower than riding a plane, but riding a train will give you romantic vibes. As the train starts moving, you can enjoy sight-seeing the scenery that won’t be granted when traveling by plane. If you want to try to go on a journey with rail, here are the best train rides in the world.

1. The Royal Scotsman

Do you want to be treated like a royalty or a member of the monarch? You can have cabins that match with a castle or taste the finest wine or even indulging in luxurious cuisine. You can obtain all of these things by riding the Royal Scotsman. This train travels around the Scottish highland or all the way around Great Britain.

As one of the best train rides in the world, the Royal Scotsman will provide you with luxurious service and of course beautiful scenery. This train can make your journey through Great Britain in the most stylish way possible. But you have to save money in order to ride this train or the Royal Scotsman is the most expensive train rides.

2. Glacier Express

Switzerland has two famous mountain resorts. They are Zermatt and St. Moritz. Traveling through that place in a relaxing way is ride a train. Glacier Express is the name of the train that provides you to have a trip through that place. While riding the train you can also enjoy the fascinating scene from the Swiss Alps.

When you riding this train, you will experience 91 tunnels and 291 bridges. Not only that you will also taste the highest point on the ride, Oberalp Pass in the height of 6706 feet. All the beautiful scenery, you can enjoy it by ride the Glacier Express.

3. The Chepe

When traveling in Mexico, do not forget to try to ride the Chepe. This train will take you from Chihuahua Mountain to the Sinaloa coast. At first, you may think that The Chepe is no different than the rest of the train. But as one of the best train rides in the world, this train will surprise you with its speed.

The speed aside, you can also look at the marvelous Copper Canyon which is deeper than Grand Canyon. And what makes this trip so unique is the local people, Tarahumara who sell their crafts and foods along the railway route.

4. The Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is the train that travels from Vancouver to Banff, Jasper, and Calgary, Canada. This train is so unique as it is only traveling in daylight. When the night comes, you can stay at deluxe hotels.

As the train moves, you won’t take your eyes off at the peerless scenery of the Rocky Mountain. Not only that, but you can also attend wine appreciation class or onboard traditional storytelling while riding this train.

Traveling is not only enjoy the destination place. The journey of how to arrive at the destination place can also be memorable. Riding the train can optimize the enjoyment of the trips. And with the best train rides in the world, you won’t ever forget the journey.

Awesome Things to Do in San Francisco When Solo Trip

Traveling together with friends is always exciting. But, wait and see until you have only your self on another trip. You will be amazed that solo traveling is more interesting. Because you can figure out how your self can deal with all happenings, the bad and the fun. This article will lead you to know about what things to do in San Francisco. As your information, this city is perfect for a solo trip.

If it is your first time to be on a solo trip, then you can buy and join several tours. On the other hand, if you are the experienced one, then just be fun in the US. We recommend you to rent a bike, if you plan to explore San Francisco because that is one of the fun things to do in San Francisco. Want some more? Let’s have a look below:

1. Visit Slice House by Tony Gemgnani

Satisfy your stomach through the Slice House by Tony Gemgnani. He is the only American who makes pizza winning in the World Pizza Cup Champion in Naples, Italy. The Slice House has the best slice pizza to go. The location is in North Beach, on the corner of Washington Square Park. Take your slice and spend a momen in parklette. This mini spot is a unique public space in the middle of the crowd.

2. Join Tour Alcatraz

After you enjoy cycling around San Francisco, then don’t forget to join the bus tour and a boat tour to Alcatraz. Dylan’s  A Day is one of the bay tours that provide this. This island is America’s most infamous place for a prison. You will have a lot of activities and photo spots there. Don’t be worry, the group will help you to shot the best picture.

3. Food Tour in Ferry Building Farmer’s Market

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, this place leads your stomach to taste various foods. Actually, this place is a ferry terminal which overlooks the bay. But, in the early 2000s, this building got a facelift, then today becomes a food culture place for the city. If you feel confused, there is a guide who will help you to take a tour.

4. Having Dinner Outdoor at Foreign Cinema

Don’t imagine this cinema is like the other cinemas. You can enjoy the movie while having dishes for dinner. Also, you will sit outside instead of in the room. This place is typical for solo trip people who want to take rest and enjoy their me-time. This cinema offers you a movie screen in the backyard complete with the food and the beer.

5. Visit The Mai Tai

The Mai Tai has the same meaning as tiki bars and coconuts. In this place, you can find many bars, such as the Tonga Room. If you want to feel the real Chinese bars, then you need to visit Li Po Cocktail Lounge. It the oldest dive bars there. Going to Li Po Cocktail Lounge you don’t only have drinks, but also a fun DIY tour.

There are still lots of things to do in San Francisco, like visit the museum, try local culinary, take an urban hike, and explore the book stores. One thing for sure, after you listed what your planning will be, do good preparation because you only with yourself there.

What to Do in Auckland When You Travel Alone

If you are looking for a destination which suits all kinds of holiday, then Auckland New Zealand is the answer. Family-trip, group backpacker, or even solo travel fit with this place. So, what makes different is with whom you spend your time with. In this article, you will find what to do in Auckland when solo-trip. Because when you only with yourself, you will be surprised how amazing you are.

Some people say that solo travelling makes you discover the real you. No matter where you go, this trip is only about you and yourself. Thus, when you are planning to go to Auckland, you have to make a list as preparation. Because there are a lot of things to do there, so don’t you miss one chance or you’ll feel sorry to yourself! See what to do in Auckland below as your reference:

1. Enjoy Panorama in Sky Tower

Sky Tower is the must visit the place when you are going to Auckland. It is an icon of Auckland’s skyline with a tall of 328 meters. There is a tour which offers you three main activities, which are touring around, having dinner, and see the theatre. In this place, you will have an amazing photo spot too. So there is no reason to skip this one.

2. Enjoying Ice Cream

We know that you can get ice cream whenever you are. But, here, there is something different. Auckland has a unique cuisine, including ice cream. Giapo ice creams will surprise you because it is unbeatable ice cream around the world. When you are in the store, just have private experience tasting various flavours. You can also enrich your social media post by shooting some pictures there.

3. Island Hopping

This place is blessed with various islands to visit. It is a perfect gateway within the uniqueness. For example, The Great Barrier Island is famous for its great scenery. You can explore more about the other islands around there.

4. Hiking

Solo travelling is not about sightseeing or culinary. If you are the adventurer, you can hike in the national parks here. The famous one is Coast to Coast Walkway which offers you the 5 hours straight walking track. You will pass the narrowest land, starts from Viaduct Harbour at the east until the Manukau Harbour at the west.

5. Go To Mount Eden

Auckland doesn’t only offer you the islands, culinary, and the city. Go to Mount Eden, then you will find the other side of beauty from Auckland. Whether you are the sunrise people or the sunset one, this place is the highest point to enjoy that scenery. Thus, have your time to go there. 

Talking about what to do in Auckland, you won’t be satisfied with only two or three days. We haven’t told you the historical trip of Auckland which involved various museums, like the New Zealand Maritim Museum, Auckland Art Gallery, and many more. Just make sure your list is a complete trip of solo-travelling. If you are able to satisfy yourself, then you will discover the other amazing things inside.

This is the Best Way Moving from Reykjavik Iceland to Blue Lagoon for You!

Iceland is one small country in Europe but offers so many beautiful places. This country will serve you with a lot of awesome architecture or natural beauty. Many tourists come to Iceland just to visit and enjoy everything they can do in this place. On the other hand, those visitors usually asking how they can move from Reykjavik Iceland to Blue Lagoon.

I think most of the people in this world don’t know about this miracle place, Blue Lagoon on Iceland. Most Iceland people maybe have to fall in love in this beautiful place. At least, they will have some memories and leave a spiritual relationship with this place. But for everyone who wants to visit this place should be ready to pay more money. Blue Lagoon is known as one of the luxurious places in Iceland

Best Way to Moving From Reykjavik Iceland to Blue Lagoon

Every year, amount of tourist who visits Blue Lagoon reaches more than 700.000 people. Visitors can move easily from Reykjavik Iceland to Blue Lagoon if they know the tricks. In here, we will try to write down some of the ways you can choose while visiting Blue Lagoon. Make sure you have to book the ticket for Blue Lagoon on their website before.

1. Book a Tour with the Entrance Fee

If you want to visit Blue Lagoon from Reykjavík, booking the tour ticket will be the best choice. There available many travel service providers that will deliver you from Reykjavík to the Blue Lagoon. However, you should be smart in choosing because once you get the wrong step, it will give some difficulty for you. You can easily find the information about the tour on any tourist information center.

2. Book a Private Transfer

If you hate waiting for the bus, then book a private transfer will be the best choice for you. You can wait wherever you want on Reykjavík and picked up on there. So, you don’t need to be afraid while choosing an apartment because of it far from the bus stop. On the other hand, you will get extra comfort because the other people on there is just the driver. Also, there available a private transfer from the airport to some places include Blue Lagoon.

3. Drive There by Yourself

On Reykjavík, there available so many rental car you can choose. You can easily get the Blue Lagoon for only 40 minutes while driving by yourself. The advantage of this option is you can go wherever you want without bridled with any schedule. Besides, you don’t need to be afraid of lost in your way. There available Google Maps that will help you reach Blue Lagoon easily. If you loved the music rock, don’t forget to visit the Icelandic Museum of Rock and Roll.

Above is 3 best way to moving from Reykjavik Iceland to Blue Lagoon for you. Now you don’t need to be worried again about your journey. There will always available an easy way as long as you want to search and read. Now be prepared for your backpack and let’s enjoy Blue Lagoon as a beautiful place.

A 2- Weeks Eastern Europe Backpacking Itinerary

Going traveling to East Europe is not a cheap thing to do. People need to spend money on  transportation, the lodging, the foods and also the cost of tourism places. Moreover, Europe is one of the most expensive places on Earth. However, an outsmart thing to for an inexpensive holiday here is by backpacking. For those who are planning to visit, prepare a good Eastern Europe Backpacking itinerary.

A 2-weeks itinerary is enough to cover the beauty of Eastern Europe. Even though with a limit budget, it does not make the vacation limit happiness. People need to choose the right time, the right place to spend less. Here is a great example of an Eastern Europe Backpacking Itinerary that people could also use as well.

1. 3 first nights at Prague, Czech Republic

Firstly, spend time in an incredible city, Prague. There are many cultural and historic places for visitors to enjoy. Starting from St. Nicholas, Charles Bridge, Hradcany and many more. For a free cost places, people could also visit the green islands in Prague. Not only it is relaxing but also it is far from the crowds. For the accommodation, choose a budget vintage hostel. It is cheap but worth it.

2. Spending 3 nights in Poland

After Prague, it is time to move to Poland. Use a bus to reach Poland. People would cross the Old Town Star Miastro where they could enjoy their first day. For the next day, people could explore Kazimierz city. As for the third day, visit Wieliczka. Use a full-day guided tour when in Poland which also includes transportation. People could spend less on joining a guided tour.

3. The 3 nights in Ukraine

The next stop on the Eastern Europe backpacking itinerary is Ukraine. People could go to Lviv as their destination here. People could enjoy incredible rooftop bars with a beautiful city view. Besides that, there are also bunker restaurants, postcards café, and shop hidden behind doors. On the other side, people could also enjoy architecture buffs and culture vultures as well.

4. Visiting 3 nights in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the favorite destinations, which makes it the next place in the Eastern Europe backpacking itinerary. For one a half-day, spend time on the main list attractions, which the location is near the Buda River. As for the rest, enjoy the public and party bars, the quirky café, ruin pubs and amazing bats of Pest. These are also famous things to do in Budapest.

5. The Last 2 nights in Serbia

For the last place, choose Belgrade that is in Serbia. Even though it is a slight city but it is worth to visit. It is amazing city that people could explore on foot; also it is a wild place to join parties. Do not miss to visit the Ada Ciganlija and some favorite spots down by the River.

East Europe is one of the best destinations to visit for the holidays. People could use an Eastern Europe backpacking itinerary to spend less on their budget. Hopefully, this itinerary would be a great idea for people who are planning to travel there.