A 2- Weeks Eastern Europe Backpacking Itinerary

Going traveling to East Europe is not a cheap thing to do. People need to spend money on  transportation, the lodging, the foods and also the cost of tourism places. Moreover, Europe is one of the most expensive places on Earth. However, an outsmart thing to for an inexpensive holiday here is by backpacking. For those who are planning to visit, prepare a good Eastern Europe Backpacking itinerary.

A 2-weeks itinerary is enough to cover the beauty of Eastern Europe. Even though with a limit budget, it does not make the vacation limit happiness. People need to choose the right time, the right place to spend less. Here is a great example of an Eastern Europe Backpacking Itinerary that people could also use as well.

1. 3 first nights at Prague, Czech Republic

Firstly, spend time in an incredible city, Prague. There are many cultural and historic places for visitors to enjoy. Starting from St. Nicholas, Charles Bridge, Hradcany and many more. For a free cost places, people could also visit the green islands in Prague. Not only it is relaxing but also it is far from the crowds. For the accommodation, choose a budget vintage hostel. It is cheap but worth it.

2. Spending 3 nights in Poland

After Prague, it is time to move to Poland. Use a bus to reach Poland. People would cross the Old Town Star Miastro where they could enjoy their first day. For the next day, people could explore Kazimierz city. As for the third day, visit Wieliczka. Use a full-day guided tour when in Poland which also includes transportation. People could spend less on joining a guided tour.

3. The 3 nights in Ukraine

The next stop on the Eastern Europe backpacking itinerary is Ukraine. People could go to Lviv as their destination here. People could enjoy incredible rooftop bars with a beautiful city view. Besides that, there are also bunker restaurants, postcards café, and shop hidden behind doors. On the other side, people could also enjoy architecture buffs and culture vultures as well.

4. Visiting 3 nights in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the favorite destinations, which makes it the next place in the Eastern Europe backpacking itinerary. For one a half-day, spend time on the main list attractions, which the location is near the Buda River. As for the rest, enjoy the public and party bars, the quirky café, ruin pubs and amazing bats of Pest. These are also famous things to do in Budapest.

5. The Last 2 nights in Serbia

For the last place, choose Belgrade that is in Serbia. Even though it is a slight city but it is worth to visit. It is amazing city that people could explore on foot; also it is a wild place to join parties. Do not miss to visit the Ada Ciganlija and some favorite spots down by the River.

East Europe is one of the best destinations to visit for the holidays. People could use an Eastern Europe backpacking itinerary to spend less on their budget. Hopefully, this itinerary would be a great idea for people who are planning to travel there.