What to Do in Auckland When You Travel Alone

If you are looking for a destination which suits all kinds of holiday, then Auckland New Zealand is the answer. Family-trip, group backpacker, or even solo travel fit with this place. So, what makes different is with whom you spend your time with. In this article, you will find what to do in Auckland when solo-trip. Because when you only with yourself, you will be surprised how amazing you are.

Some people say that solo travelling makes you discover the real you. No matter where you go, this trip is only about you and yourself. Thus, when you are planning to go to Auckland, you have to make a list as preparation. Because there are a lot of things to do there, so don’t you miss one chance or you’ll feel sorry to yourself! See what to do in Auckland below as your reference:

1. Enjoy Panorama in Sky Tower

Sky Tower is the must visit the place when you are going to Auckland. It is an icon of Auckland’s skyline with a tall of 328 meters. There is a tour which offers you three main activities, which are touring around, having dinner, and see the theatre. In this place, you will have an amazing photo spot too. So there is no reason to skip this one.

2. Enjoying Ice Cream

We know that you can get ice cream whenever you are. But, here, there is something different. Auckland has a unique cuisine, including ice cream. Giapo ice creams will surprise you because it is unbeatable ice cream around the world. When you are in the store, just have private experience tasting various flavours. You can also enrich your social media post by shooting some pictures there.

3. Island Hopping

This place is blessed with various islands to visit. It is a perfect gateway within the uniqueness. For example, The Great Barrier Island is famous for its great scenery. You can explore more about the other islands around there.

4. Hiking

Solo travelling is not about sightseeing or culinary. If you are the adventurer, you can hike in the national parks here. The famous one is Coast to Coast Walkway which offers you the 5 hours straight walking track. You will pass the narrowest land, starts from Viaduct Harbour at the east until the Manukau Harbour at the west.

5. Go To Mount Eden

Auckland doesn’t only offer you the islands, culinary, and the city. Go to Mount Eden, then you will find the other side of beauty from Auckland. Whether you are the sunrise people or the sunset one, this place is the highest point to enjoy that scenery. Thus, have your time to go there. 

Talking about what to do in Auckland, you won’t be satisfied with only two or three days. We haven’t told you the historical trip of Auckland which involved various museums, like the New Zealand Maritim Museum, Auckland Art Gallery, and many more. Just make sure your list is a complete trip of solo-travelling. If you are able to satisfy yourself, then you will discover the other amazing things inside.