What To Visit in Kazakhstan to Make a Wonderful Trip

Though not many people know this, Kazakhstan holds a lot of potential destinations for traveling lovers. This country that once a part of the Soviet Republic has many amazing places to visit. It will be waste if you never step your foot to this country. And that’s not all Kazakhstan has. Well, you may consider having a trip to Kazakhstan if we present for you what to visit in Kazakhstan.

1. Medeo High – Mountain Skating Rink

If taking about what to visit in Kazakhstan then this place should be on your list. Moreover, if you’re the type that loves skating outdoor. Medeo High-Mountain Skating Rink is the highest skating place in the world.

With the height 1700 meters above sea level, you will get new experiences in skating. And if you’re lucky enough you will witness some events that periodically be held in this place.

2. Kaindy Lake

Though not as famous as Kolsai Lake, in terms of beautiful scenery Kaindy Lake isn’t losing. Because of an earthquake that happened a long time ago, this lake is formed. And that’s why you will find this lake amusing and unique.

It thanks to the dead trees that pop up on the surface of the lake. You will be more amazed when you see the underwater. The remnants of the trees that not decomposed yet create the scenery of the water forest that too beautiful to comprehend. 

3. Zenkov Cathedral

If you’re one of a history fan, then Zenkov Cathedral is a place you have to visit no matter what. The building is very wonderful without using a single nail. Not only the building, but even the interior also has interesting art and furnishing that make all of the history lovers will curious about the backstory about.

However, if you’re planning to go to this place, mind a little about how you dress. Because this place is a religious building so it’s better to dress appropriately.

4. The Last Wild Apple Forest

Do you ever question the first place where apple appears? If you feel curious about that, you can go to Kazakhstan then see with your eyes the wild apple forests. Scientists said that it was the birds who transported the apple seeds to this forest.

And since then the apple trees grow and form a forest with high density. However, now the forest isn’t that dense anymore because in the past people cut down the trees for a developing place. 

5. Central State Museum

When going to Kazakhstan, you should visit the largest museum in Central Asia. Moreover, If you’re interested in stuff like anthropology, ethnography or history then this Museum is your must-visit place. That because you will not find a Museum like this in any other Central Asian country. So, use your time wisely to visit Central State Museum in Kazakhstan.

There are many places to visit so you will not waste your time to think about what to visit in Kazakhstan. From a natural place to a historical building, you can find them all in this country. So, if you still planning a trip, just take your time to go to Kazakhstan.