Where To Go During Spring Break In Texas? Here Are The Recommended Destinations!

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States. Texas is quite famous in America.  Uniquely, in the spring break, there is a bluebonnet that is starting to bloom and is a hallmark of Texas.  The flowering of this flower is a sign that spring is starting. If you want to enjoy the natural scenery during spring in Texas, here are 5 destinations to reference where to go during spring break in Texas.

1. Ennis

Ennis is a city in Texas, called bluebonnet city.  Although this flower is poisonous, this flower is a characteristic of Texas as one that beautifies in spring.  Therefore, a visit to Ennis will get a stretch of bluebonnet flowers along the road and the city.  Even this flower is protected, as evidenced by the Ennis Garden Club.  If you are in Texas and want to get to know the beauty of bluebonnets, this city is one of the places to go during spring break in Texas.

2. Austin

As the capital of Texas, Bluebonnet has become an icon of this city. That’s why Bluebonnet is a protected plant.  The beauty of this flower is like a wide blue carpet.  Even if you come to Austin you can visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Center, where this institution protects the growth of bluebonnet flowers in Texas and is an advocate for these flowers. You can know this flower very well.

3. Brenham

One place where to go during spring break in Texas is Brenham. You can visit this city to find out the best wineries and the best ice cream processing from the blue bell ice cream house.  This city uses bluebonnet as its city icon.  Naturally, if throughout the city during spring arrives, you get bluebonnets that begin to bloom.

4. Texas Hill County

The Texas hill country is a hill with a winery.  The highlight of this region’s beauty is in the spring where bluebonnets bloom.  In the hills often hold bluebonnet festivals.  Therefore, you must visit this area during the spring in Texas.  In the hills, there is Burnet, which is one of the cities that are the center of the festival.  Not only festivals, various folk parties, but games and entertainment are also found in this region.

5. Spicewood

You can visit this city because of its natural beauty, several caves make the beauty of Spicewood.  In this city, there is also the Muleshoe Band which is the largest Bluebonnet growing area of ​​all states in Texas. This small town in Texas has exotic natural beauty, which you must visit during spring.  One of its natural beauty is that there is a river in the cave that you can try to swim.  Of course, with the natural beauty of bluebonnet plants that decorate it.

Thus, where to go during spring break in Texas that you must visit.  Of course, you do not want to miss the growth of Bluebonnet which is the hallmark of this country.  Do not forget to bring a camera to capture the beauty of this flower which can only be enjoyed when the spring break comes.