Where To Go In Oxford- The Must Visit Place in Oxford

where to go in oxford

When hearing the word Oxford, usually people imagine that renowned and famous university. It’s technically not wrong, but there are more than a university if talking about Oxford. Its history and architects are also the main points about this city. Moreover, there are many places that you can visit and enjoy when going to Oxford. Well, of course, Oxford University is one of them. Then, where to go in Oxford other than touring its University? Read more to find out

1. Oxford Castle 

Oxford holds a lot of intriguing history. If you’re so interested in it, you can visit the Oxford Castle. There, you will learn about the backstory of Oxford Castle building. That’s not the only thing you get when visiting this place.

The greatest thing about it is that you have a chance to see an impressive scene about the city on all of the sides. Furthermore, you also can explore the ancient crypt and prison that was also built in that castle.

2. Pitt Rivers Museum

If you visiting Oxford and wonder where to go in Oxford, try to go to the Pitt Rivers Museum. There are many collections of archeology and ethnography that can amaze you. Moreover, these are collected from around the world. They display it in a glass cabinet.

There are a lot of rows wherein every row, you will see the collection in the glass cabinet. Not all of the collections are put in the glass cabinet. Some of them are hanging on the wall or ceiling. Visiting Pitt Rivers Museum may make you discover something new, thus making you want to come over and over. This place is a place that you must visit as it makes you learn many things. Furthermore, the entry ticket is free so you can visit it without worry.

3. Blenheim Palace

Already bored with the museum and historical castle? Do not worry, there are still many interesting places you can visit in Oxford. You just need to drive for about 20 minutes from the center of Oxford to go to Blenheim Palace.

Though it called the palace, this place is not a real palace. However, because it’s an enormous building then it acquired such a name. This place is famous as the birthplace of Winston Churchill. You can go there and tour through the estate. 

4. G&D’s Ice Cream Cafe

Traveling is not complete if you never try to eat in the local cafe or restaurant. There are a lot of restaurants or cafes in Oxford, but the special one is G&D’s Ice Cream Cafe. There, you’ll have the luxury of eating the best ice cream.

And that’s not the only one this cafe is serving us. There are other menus as well such as baked goods and bagels. Moreover, this place opens until midnight. So, whenever you want to taste ice cream, go to G&D’s Ice Cream Cafe.

After reading this you will not ask where to go in Oxford anymore. It’s because we have given you all of the places you need to visit in Oxford. So, just tighten yourself and be ready to go to Oxford.